ZALUX laboratory at the forefront of ATEX product testing

ZALUX laboratory at the forefront of ATEX product testing

We have extended the QAR and QAN notifications for the manufacture of ATEX products and got our laboratory to be enabled to perform Witness Testing.

ZALUX has a long history in the design and manufacture of industrial protected luminaires, starting with robust, weatherproof Category 3 solutions, up to Category 2 and Category 1 products for use in explosive atmospheres. Success in this sector has led us to invest heavily and expand our manufacturing plant in Spain to offer unrivaled expertise and facilities to ensure that even the most demanding solutions can be produced and tested to the highest standards and within short lead times.

In our strategy of developing lighting products for explosive atmospheres, and after achieving important milestones such as ATEX manufacturer notification by extending the QAR (for ATEX certified products) and QAN (for IECEx certified products) notifications, we have succeeded in including our laboratory within the IECEx Witness program for INERIS in its ExTL activities.

We thus close a process of auditing, improvement and adaptation of our laboratory to the Ex scope of explosive atmosphere luminaires in which the laboratory team has worked very hard to adapt processes and equipment, while reinforcing the training of all staff.

The result is a laboratory ready and able to make accurate, reliable and traceable measurements and evaluations to meet the needs of our customers in the explosive atmospheres sector, and also, of our reference partner laboratory, INERIS. Being able to compare our measurements and processes together is the best example of the high technical and human level we have.

With this recognition, we will continue to provide our customers with robust, safe and reliable Ex lighting solutions in short development times.