Developed for challenging conditions

With a host of new products and further developments at Light+Building 2018, ZALUX confirms its reputation as one of the leading brands for weather-proof and explosion-proof luminaires.

ZALUX BASE: an intelligent further development
The ZALUX BASE range consists of energy-efficient LED luminaires with increased impact resistance for industrial lighting applications requiring highly reliable humidity and dust protection. ZALUX with this further development now complies even more efficiently with the various requirements. Slidable fixing clips enable quick and flexible mounting of all ZALUX BASE variants as ceiling, wall or suspended luminaires according to needs. The terminal block is also accessed simply and without tools, and these are important product features for quick, efficient and cost-saving installation. Thanks to its slender design the luminaire not only scores all-round in terms of appearance but also has appealing benefits with regard to logistics – transport volume is reduced by around 40 percent.

ZALEDA & STRONGERTUBE: for rough surroundings
ZALEDA EVOL II and STRONGERTUBE were specifically developed for use in rough surroundings, and ZALEDA EVOL II is the first linear protected LED luminaire for indoors and outdoors. The luminaire can even be installed in non-canopied areas thanks to an IP66 protection rating and its special housing and thermal management. The protected STRONGERTUBE LED luminaire is gas-proof and therefore protects the LEDs from premature ageing. The product features maximum LED efficiency in applications with special atmospheres containing fumes, gases or solvents as found for example in animal husbandry. STRONGRERTUBE also meets the high specifications for food production.

DUNA flex: a real all-rounder for individual requirements
One for all: as a further development of the reliable and successful DUNA pro series, the protected DUNA flex LED luminaire is a genuine all-rounder at an attractive price for a wide range of applications, e.g. in industry, warehouses, the foodstuff and chemicals industry and also for parking applications. DUNA flex is a non-SELV luminaire that thanks to its special construction can still be safely opened under compliance of all relevant safety standards. The luminaire also has high flexibility in terms of individually adjustable parameters ranging from luminous flux to colour temperature. With output to 8,000 lumens the product is also suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

ACQUEX LED & KRATEX LED: for explosion-proof lighting
ACQUEX LED & KRATEX LED are the latest ZALUX products in the explosion-proof LED luminaire sector. The products are suitable for illuminating oil and gas rooms, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial sites as well as the food sector. The LED luminaires ACQUEX and KRATEX have been optimally developed for use in explosion-hazard zones compliant to the ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU and both products are available as standard lighting or with emergency kit. The explosion-proof lighting products score with maximum "made in Europe" quality and were also certified in Europe.



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