DUNA FLEX HE 10,000 lm

DUNA FLEX HE 10,000lm is the next generation in industrial LED lighting, engineered for a wide range of industrial applications with a robust construction and high quality lighting, it is design for certain types of requirements, e.g. high bay warehouses, high aisles, or for installing less luminaires while guaranteeing a homogeneous illumination.

Key Features

  • Safety due to the internal diffuser avoiding contact with LED modules. Therefore, both people and LEDs are always perfectly protected. There is no risk of damage by ESD.
  • Easy and time saving installation.
  • The luminaire provides maximum flexibility with respect to easy and time saving installation - as needed, below the ceiling, on walls or even in suspended installations.
  • Optionally, through wiring is possible.
  • For highest hygienic requirements, DUNA FLEX HE 10,000lm can be used in food industry, fulfilling the HACCP requirements.
  • Highly efficient performance with 140lm/W and 72W.
  • IP66 - Water and dust resistance.
  • Wide-beam light distribution.


  • Warehouses
  • High aisles
  • Food and agricultural industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial sewage
  • Desalination plant
  • Paper industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Freezing chambers
  • Cold storages


  • Reduce the number of luminaires
  • Increased resistance to chemicals
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy to install


Emergency kit, through wiring, PC diffuser, integrated lighting control options to maximize energy savings, user comfort and control, DALI, narrow-beam optics (for buildings with high ceilings, e.g. in high bay warehouses, high aisles, production sites, corridors...) and wide-beam.



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