Safety and durability at Hazardex

Safety and durability at Hazardex

Hazardex Conference & Exhibition is the perfect platform for topical discussion on process safety-related topics, to share and learn about key industry information related to the Hazardous Area Operations and Process Safety. This year, we will be joining the event from 6th to 7th October in Harrogate (UK) with our explosion proof luminaires at booth 30.

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When it comes to lighting you can have it all: safety, sustainability, and durability

Modern lighting solutions offer remarkable efficiency. Values above 200 lm/W offer huge savings in energy cost and reduced carbon footprint. In hazardous areas, however, sustainability must go hand in hand with safety.


Sustainability combined with safety is the focus of Hazardex 2021. If gas is present in the atmosphere, for example, it makes sense to use an ATEX luminaire that is completely gas tight. Where corrosion is likely to occur, the choice of housing material is crucial to long-term reliability and safety and a material such as PMMA offers much longer life and reduced maintenance than metal alloys.


Combining the latest LED technology with smart controls can nett around 80% savings in energy costs compared with traditional lighting technologies – not to mention the associated reduction in carbon emissions.


New lighting systems offer longer life, lower maintenance, and accessories for fast installation, which further reduce lifetime costs and increase sustainability.

And more benefits

Finally, don’t forget lighting quality. Alongside safety, sustainability, and durability, a lighting system needs to provide high quality light to improve working environments. Do you want to find out how to get everything in one solution?

On 6th & 7th October we will be showing how ZALUX explosion proof ATEX lighting solutions provide increased sustainability and safety at Hazardex in Harrogate, UK