Thanks, ADIPEC

Thanks, ADIPEC

Last month, we attended our first ADIPEC conference in Abu Dhabi. We were delighted to attend in person to showcase our expertise, while learning from the other delegates.

Participating at ADIPEC proved that we are already a player in the oil&gas and petrochemical sector, and we further strengthened this through the launch of our latest range of ATEX luminaires: STRONGEX.

This new range provides a connected, integrated, high efficiency solution made of PMMA throughout a facility in both onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical applications. They not only offer exceptional efficiencies but are pushing the benchmark of sustainability in hazardous areas and ATEX lighting applications.

This could mark a significant change in the oil and gas lighting industry, and we were very pleased with the response we got from the visitors at ADIPEC, who clearly appreciated our products and innovations.

Latest lighting solutions are an easy win in the battle for sustainability. The combination of highly efficient lighting technology, smart control and sensors, together with 100% recyclable materials, mean every aspect of the luminaire can be fully optimized. The careful selection of materials to produce a safe, highly robust, and fully recyclable housing solution, and a design that is easy to install and maintain, mean that there are significant benefits.

Lighting solutions continue to be developed to offer increasing efficiency, reduced manufacturing carbon footprint and to consider latest materials, including biodegradable options. Today, the gains in efficiency and environmental protection are already huge, and manufacturers continue to seek even greater savings and sustainability to ensure we all have a better future.

Following the ADIPEC conference, it became clear ZALUX is the partner you can trust in the oil&gas and petrochemical sectors, and ADIPEC was the best place to showcase all our new solutions.