ZALUX launches in horticulture market at GreenTech

ZALUX launches in horticulture market at GreenTech

ZALUX is set to make an impact at GreenTech Amsterdam. From June 11th to 13th, we will showcase our portfolio of advanced LED lighting solutions designed for the horticulture market, which exemplifies our dedication to enhancing crop and plant growth.

LED technology is transforming horticulture lighting with its customizable spectra, exceptional energy efficiency, and extended lifespan. This adaptability allows for precise spectral tuning to meet the specific needs of different plants. When integrated with smart controls, it enables dynamic adjustments based on plant growth stages, optimizing the growth environment.

We have combined our expertise in protected lighting for demanding environments with the advice of horticultural experts to develop biologically efficient lighting solutions tailored to the vegetative and generative growth cycles of flowers and fruits.

The integration of greenhouse design, plant biology, and specialized lighting systems promises unparalleled crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices. By considering these factors, ZALUX lighting systems meet the unique needs of any grower, fostering optimal plant growth and maximizing yield potential.

Visit our booth in Hall 1, stand 01.750, featuring the slogan “become a lighting expert in five minutes”, to participate in practical demonstrations and learn about the importance of quality in horticulture lighting.

Don’t miss the chance to see how ZALUX is leading the way in revolutionizing horticultural lighting.