Discover IBERA

the new sustainable and compact luminaire made in Spain

Discover IBERA

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Made in Spain

Iberian essence, Spanish production, European quality

The right expertise and more than 40 years of experience allow us to design the luminaires of the future. With high quality materials and efficient manufacturing processes, we can develop a true KM0 luminaire.

The origins

IBERA was born in Alhama de Aragón, a rural area where ZALUX has its three production plants. From an old territory in the Iber river basin to state-of-the-art facilities.

Compact design

Because size matters

More IBERA luminaires fit on a pallet, so less space is required for shipping, which reduces logistics costs, transport is less polluting and, therefore, the associated carbon footprint decreases.

Also, the stock of luminaires takes less space in the distributor’s warehouse.

More luminaires per pallet!

Compared with ZALUX BASE, you can place 48% more IBERA luminaires on an Euro pallet.

Discover IBERA
Guaranteed resistance

Resistant as a rock

IP66 Weatherproof
IK08 High impacts protection

IBERA withstands dusty and humid environments and comes with a 5-year warranty. This is ZALUX DNA: made of robust and protected luminaires which are made to last.

A quality inherited from the Iberians
The Iberians wore a woollen layer called “sagum” to protect themselves from the cold and the air in those days. IBERA does not have a sagum, but is protected by nature.

El Palao site, in Alcañiz, Aragón. Photography by Ricardo Rodríguez Pina

Light that cares for the world

Higher efficiency than luminaires in its class, to further reduce energy consumption

Multilumen light engine, to choose which lighting package fits your application better

Recyclable polycarbonate, to contribute to circular economy

The first step for sustainability
In Spain, with the most hours of sunshine in Europe, the Iberians enjoyed different moments of light. Let IBERA help you fit your preferred light in a single luminaire.


Perfect fit lies in simplicity

When you look for a simple solution, you need an easy proposal.

From car parks to industrial areas, take advantage of IBERA great benefits.


Discover all the advantages of IBERA

Learn about its specifications, see it in action and discover why it is the best cost-effective Made in Europe luminaire on the market.

Download IBERA technical specifications guide and see its introduction video.

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