Upgrade in ACQUEX, for hazardous areas

Upgrade in ACQUEX, for hazardous areas

ACQUEX is an extremely simply, safe and reliable lighting solution for explosive atmospheres in Ex zone 2, with an extraordinary quality and different options to suit to different locations.

We have updated its ATEX certificate, including:

-An improved temperature range, from -20ºC to +50ºC, suitable for industries and hot weather locations.

-Protection mode ec, for an increased safety in areas classified for gases, which means that during the production of the luminaires we have taken measures to avoid the possibility of arcs or sparks appearance or excessive temperatures inside or in the surface of the luminaire that do not occur in normal operation.
For any further details, you can contact one of our ATEX specialists. 

We invite you to discover this explosion proof luminaire for Ex zone 2, 22, with high energy efficiency up to 155lm/W, long lifetime 70,000 hours and completely Made in Spain.

With an easy mounting, and DALI dimmable and emergency kit versions.

Find out more about ACQUEX, here