OREX 1 and OREX 2

New OREX for high bay ATEX applications

OREX is our range of high bay luminaires for ATEX applications, both  for Zone 1 and Zone 2. A new product line ready to strengthen our ATEX portfolio to cover a wider range of needs.

You will find 2 models: OREX 1 for Zone 1, 21 and OREX 2 for Zone 2, 21 and 22.

  • With up to 40,000lm for the highest ATEX installations.
  • Reliable in a wide range of temperatures, from -32ºC to 55ºC.
  • Resistant even outdoors: its aluminium body with tempered glass diffuser makes it resistant to weather and harsh industry conditions.
  • Versatile for industries, with voltage from 90 to 305V.
  • DALI control is available to improve efficiency.
  • Easy to install, with a selection of ATEX connectors and cable glands, junction boxes and wall/ pole mounting accessories to suit your project requirements

OREX 1 complies with the ATEX – IECEX Directives and is marked under:

  • Ex II 2G Ex eb mb op is IIC T5 GB
  • Ex II 2D Ex tc op is IIIC T105 Db
  • Ex II 3G Ex ec op is IIC T5 Gb
  • Ex II 3D Ex tc op is IIIC T105 Dc

OREX 2 too, and it is marked under:

  • Ex II 3D Ex tc op is IIIC TX Dc
  • Ex II 3G Ex ec op is IIC TX Gc
  • Ex II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC TX Db

Discover more details about the new high bay ATEX luminaires OREX 1 and OREX 2, and feel free to contact our team for any further information.

And feel free to download the new ATEX catalogue, here: Downloads.