New STRONGERTUBE, ready for chlorine environments

New STRONGERTUBE, ready for chlorine environments

The second generation of our most robust luminaire STRONGERTUBE is now available.

It is protected against gases, corrosion, ammonia or saline environments, so it is the right solution for the most demanding projects such as chemical industry, food processing, abattoirs or farming.

These are the improved features of the new STRONGERTUBE generation:

  • Up to 100,000 hours lifetime at 35ºC.
  • Greater range of ambient temperature up to 50ºC.
  • Luminous efficiency up to 150lm/W, even with optics.
  • And, of course, highly resistant: gas tight, IP69K and IK10.

In addition, our range now includes the new model STRONGERTUBE ZB. It is specific for spaces with high levels of chlorine, such as swimming pools or vegetable processing plants, where very robust luminaires are required to avoid premature deterioration.

  • Avoids the penetration of gases and water.
  • Safe against electronics corrosion.
  • Resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, heat and ageing.
  • It includes extremely resistant stainless steel fixing brackets, which allows the luminaire to be rotated.

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