A new sustainable luminaire: DUNA BIO

A new sustainable luminaire: DUNA BIO

As part of our commitment to sustainability, one of the actions we are working on, within the framework of the SDGs, is research into new, more environmentally friendly materials. And yes, it is possible to manufacture a reliable luminaire based on sustainable materials.

As we presented at Light+Building, the new DUNA BIO represents a firm step in our statement to push for sustainability with the use of recycled and recyclable materials, produced from renewable sources.

DUNA BIO incorporates a housing and diffuser made from partially bio-based, non-petroleum derived polycarbonate.

Our new luminaire also maintains the excellent properties of the DUNA FLEX family, such as high impact resistance and robustness in an openable luminaire with stainless steel closing clips.

Its highly efficient LED light source contributes even more to environmental care, thanks to its 167lm/W and long life of 100,000 hours with excellent light quality. In addition, it can incorporate Bluetooth wireless control to achieve greater energy savings and control in the installation.

Thanks to the use of biological materials, we advance in the circular economy, while contributing to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

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