Our people

We are the partner you can trust for any of our stakeholders, specially our employees.

The family business roots and our solid background, combined with a multinational and exporter DNA, make us look to the future with modernity and determination.

Our aim is to develop every member of our team, offering the best tools to help them to feel better in their personal and professional lives.

Our Human Resources strategy is based on 4 pillars


Everything related to head-hunting, internal promotion, career and succession plans, internships and new employees’ programmes. In short, the recruitment and welcome of the very best talent.


The fulfilment of our responsibilities with the public administration in labour matters as a proud employer, the proper compensation of our workers, the design of benefits which add value to our people and the correct description and optimization our job positions, both at the functional and organizational level.


Boost the performance and capabilities of our team through constantly updated training projects. We firmly believe in providing solutions that increase individual and collective well-being. A healthier, more committed, collaborative and developed group is for us a great TEAM.


Initiatives designed ad hoc in collaboration with our factories and business areas. We aim to provide the best service and support, always aligned with strategic departments and their needs. Following a common denominator: people as company’s core and main value.

Thanks to projects targeting each of those 4 areas, we manage to enhance the command of our leaders, motivation and global innovation within our company.

Our HR department strives to be an agent of change, a strategic partner that ensures excellence in People Management, key in retaining the talent which will allow us to grow as a successful organization.

For reasons of better readability, the feminine and masculine form is used for personal designations and personal nouns on this website. Corresponding terms apply, in principle, to all genders with regard to equal treatment. The abbreviated form is editorial reasons only and does not imply and valuation.