OREX is the new IECEX certified high bay luminaire

OREX is the new IECEX certified high bay luminaire

Our growing range of hazardous lighting Made in Europe has its newest member: the OREX high bay luminaires, ATEX and IECEX certified for industrial and oil & gas or petrochemical applications. 

Thanks to our 40 years of experience in making robust, weatherproof lighting for heavy industrial applications, we are able to launch this new ATEX luminaires range.

OREX has been designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, provide exceptional lighting quality, and, using latest LED technology, optimize energy consumption.

Available in models for Ex Zone 1 (OREX 1) and Ex Zone 2 (OREX 2) and ideal for oil & gas or petrochemical applications, the luminaires give the right light quality and intensity for the highest of hazardous installations, while providing exceptional energy efficiency and robustness. 

OREX luminaires ensures easy installationBoth models are available with different installation accessories for pipe/tube or wall mounting thanks to its rotable bracket. They can be supplied preprepared for installation with a cable gland and cable (length from 0.25m to 3m) already connected, especially designed to be mounted on high poles with a junction box at the bottom of the pole. Additionally, OREX 2 can be attached directly to a connection box for ultimate installation flexibility.  

This range of ATEX luminaires have a wide input voltage range from 90 to 250 VAC for OREX 1, and 90 to 305 VAC for OREX 2, to meet installation requirements across different regions and industries. The luminaires can further be equipped with a reflector which provides a low UGR ratio.  

Discover our new launching as part of our drive to offer efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, and contact us for any further information.