Discover the new KE luminaire: ready for the future

Discover the new KE luminaire: ready for the future

We live in a world where lighting evolves rapidly and traditional luminaires have limitations when needing to adapt to new technologies. So, luminaires need to be more than just a light source. 

More light per line 

With the new KE luminaire, you can connect up to 15 lighting units in one line, thanks to its through wiring ready for dimmable versions, and to the easy and quick locking system between profiles. 

KE is also ready to integrate additional modules which will improve projects’ energy efficiency:  

  • Wireless solution, to control the lighting installation remotely and without the need of rewiring. 
  • Presence and daylight sensor, to use the light only where and when it is really needed.

What else can you expect from KE? 

Increased resistance, modularity and flexibility make our new weatherproof luminaire KE the most versatile product ready for the future. So, what does it mean? 


KE can incorporate current and future digital technologies, such as wireless connection, via add-on modules. This is ideal for refurbishment because no additional cables are required. 


KE is designed to suit your needs, with various lengths, light packages up to 12,000lm, different optics, a screwless terminal with up to 8 poles ready for through wiring phase connection, DALI or emergency, and  customized profile and lever colours. And it is available as complete fitting or as an assembly kit by components. 


An excellent performance and robustness means that KE is made to last. Suitable for extreme temperature environments (-40ºC to +55ºC) with up to 100,000 hours lifetime and with IP66/IP69K and IK10 resistance. It also includes an innovative vandal-proof lever locking system. 


KE is the first high spec extrusion luminaire fully openable to replace any component, like emergency batteries. With fast installation and maintenance, thanks to its easy access to the gear tray. 

With the new KE luminaire, you can get the best of extrusion and injection luminaires, with high endurance and fully adaptable. 

Do you need a luminaire customized to your project? Let us help you join the lighting of the future!