ZALUX obtains the RSA Responsible Company seal in Aragon

ZALUX obtains the RSA Responsible Company seal in Aragon

The Government of Aragón has awarded us the Aragonese Social Responsibility” (RSA) seal, which recognises socially responsible companies within the Aragón Responsibility Plan. 

Under this initiative, at ZALUX we voluntarily commit ourselves to applying values of transparency, sustainability, excellence and respect for society and the environment, such as: 

  • Maximum transparency in management. 
  • Focus on sustainability. 
  • Respect for employees. 
  • Application of principles of excellence in management and customer orientation. 
  • Ethical and responsible relationship with suppliers. 
  • Prevention and management of environmental aspects and protection of biodiversity, to minimise the impact on our environment.

In order to obtain the RSA seal, we have passed an evaluation questionnaire and signed a voluntary commitment to actively apply the principles of the Social Responsibility Plan led by the Government of Aragon, which aims to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in all types of organisations in the Autonomous Community of Aragón, so that they implement and apply socially responsible practices.  

This seal, which is renewed annually, underlines ZALUX’s involvement in transforming the Aragonese business fabric into a national benchmark, and endorses our actions to add value to the market and our environment.

In 2022, ZALUX also obtained the Aragón Circular seal, as a result of an analysis of processes and proposals for improvement that positions us as a leader in circularity proposals in our region.